The developer reserves the right to make modifications and changes to building design, specifications, features, location and size of columns and windows, ceiling heights and floor plans without notification. Suite sizes are computed to the outside face of exterior walls, the outside face of walls adjacent to common areas and to the centerline of walls common to other suites. Measurements for exterior balconies and terraces are computed from the outside face of parapets. The flooring pattern shown on plan is not indicative of the intended pattern or materials used in the actual suite or outside areas. The floor key plan may vary depending on the floor the suite is on. Room sets illustrated are the designer's and artist's suggestion of finishing and decorating style. Actual suite interiors and views may be noticeably different than what is depicted in photographs. All illustrations reflect the artist's interpretation of the project and do not take into account neighbouring buildings, physical structures, streets and landscape. These matters will be governed entirely by the terms of the applicable Disclosure Statement in each case. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offer may only be made with the applicable Disclosure Statement and Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Concord Uptown Limited Partnership E. & O. E.